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Mick Kolassa could work up an arrangement and sing the phone book (from a small Mississippi town), and make it a hit.
Reflections in Blue, Bill Wilson

…a perfect contemporary blues record. Mick Kolassa has a voice that was made for the blues. This is a flawless recording, and if I could I would give it a lot more than five stars.
Rhetta Akamatsu, BlogCritics

Whether original, cover, or cover that shouldn’t work but does, we’re starting to get the sense that this cat is a self-compiled encyclopedia of the blues with the chops to back up putting himself out there front and center.
MidWest Record  Chris Spector

With a vibe that fuses admiration with authenticity, you can’t deny this cat’s pedigree when it comes to loving the blues… Just flat out fun stuff that sneaks up on you and never fails to keep it’s mojo working.”
Midwest Record

Michissippi Mick is a superb album that displays the love for the blues and the musical talents of Mick Kolassa. It’s hard not to enjoy this one, fun from beginning to end. Highly recommended.”
Cascade Blues Assoc

The tunes on this disc are well-written, immaculately played and not only powerful but beautifully arranged and emotionally charged.”
Chicken Wilson

It wouldn’t surprise me if they make him the first moving Blues Trail Marker because you can bet that wherever Mick is going, the blues are going on.”

Mick Kolassa has created a set that has something for everyone, and, along with his version of the “Memphis Mafia,” he and his backing players are giving back to the blues community that has built their careers thru the philanthropic donation of the proceeds from this recording.”
Don & Sheryl Crow

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