Midwest Record Reviews – You Can’t Do That!

I’ve heard hypothesis that if Beatles jumped in the van, ala Police, and toured America, they would have been a great roots band by the time they covered the country. Well….., a lot of people say a lot of things. Mick & Mark must have heard this saying and had a light bulb moment. They love blues and Beatles so they did the only thing that made sense to them—make a back porch version of Beatles songs sticking to what’s appropriate to the form rather than taking the soft landing of forcing the hits into the mold, ala gift shop music. There’s been plenty of jazz Beatles over the years but acoustic blues? Mick & Mark must have had this in the back of their minds for quite a while because the results are stunningly original and well thought out. Just the thing to drive Beatles fans that think they’ve heard everything nuts, it’s almost unthinkable to think someone could make this stuff their own but this duo does it in fine style. Hot stuff no matter how the fire burns with consistent low heat.

Midwest Record